About Us


Imperium Solutions Pte Ltd, is a leading network and infrastructure systems integrator specialized in the provision and management of a wide range of technology solutions and services. Imperium aspires to be the preferred solutions and services provider to organizations seeking to acquire technology to improve its business in an efficient and a cost-effective manner.

Imperium incorporates and integrates on premise and cloud based technologies into hybrid solutions to simplify and reduce the cost of operating Data Centers by assisting customers transit to cloud services from the likes of Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) and Microsoft Azure. The Hybrid Data Center is a key cornerstone of Imperium Service Offerings.

To further streamline, save cost and reduce complexity within the data center, Imperium has a proven track record backed by references in providing Next Generation Storage Solutions and Hyper Converged Technologies. These disruptive technologies allow customers to focus on business growth by drastically improving service levels and agility to bring new offerings online in record time.

Imperium is well positioned with experience in global deployments for MNCs to advice customers in unlocking productivity through the adoption of next generation Enterprise Service Management tools focusing on automation/self service capabilities and simplifying/centralizing the various types of workflows and user touch points within any organization.

Imperium's unique set of Big Data solutions enables customers to turn that mountain of information generated by existing IT infrastructure and data security operations into intelligent, informed action so customers can gain both valuable business insight and protect valuable information assets like never before possible.

All these disruptive technologies are implemented based on Imperium's proven methodologies in the design, deployment, project management of solutions and services. Imperium incorporates Scrum and Agile processes to ensure projects are delivered on time and budget. Imperium works closely with vendors and technology partners to identify best-fit solutions mapped to customers' requirements covering standards compliance, system compatibility and financial investments, thus ensuring a positive and rewarding partnership experience.

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