Cost-savings on Attaining, Re-Training
and Retaining Expensive Resources Full-time

Is the dwindling IT labor pool adversely impacting your direct hiring needs? Are you getting the quality talent you need, when you need it? We recognize that hiring FTE employees can be time consuming and present you with greater risk.

IMPEROS (Imperium Outsource Services Business Unit) is set up to address a growing need within the business community to outsource, fully or partially, their IT operations. This trend is fast gaining acceptance and popularity as an integral and important part of a company's business strategy.

Underlying the viability of the outsourcing option is the realization that it is often a more cost-effective and efficient way to perform certain IT functions ranging from project design and implementation to helpdesk support, from ad-hoc reactive services to longer-termed operational support. Companies are also finding it increasing expensive and difficult to identify, hire, train and retain highly qualified technical resources, and furthermore often experience a high turnover of IT personnel, or find difficulty in keeping abreast of technology changes.

IMPEROS can provide both term-based part time and full time IT resources depending on the unique organizational and operational requirements. IMPEROS outsourcing program enable customers to grow and scale their IT operations to meet changing needs – while maximizing the value of their existing IT resources.

Our Outsourcing program covers identifying, recruiting and placing suitable candidates to be sited at customer’s premises over an extended period of time based on contractual term. Besides substantial cost-savings on attaining, re-training and retaining expensive resources full-time, this mode of outsourcing gives organizations a significant degree of tactical flexibility in determining and reducing fixed long-term operating costs.

We specialize in placing IT professionals in the following roles:

Product Management Business Systems Analysis
Project/Program Management Data Architecture/Modeling
Data Center Operations Database Design and Admin
Systems Analysis, Engineering and Integration Desktop Support
Systems Architect/ Information Architect Hardware Design
Helpdesk Network Admin, Analysis, Design, Management, Support

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