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In an increasingly competitive economy, focus on core competence is becoming a necessity. Viewed as a support function until recently, IT is becoming essential to the smooth and efficient functioning of the organization, whether in manufacturing, trading or services. In both international and domestic environments, forward-looking corporations are seeking to outsourcing their IT functions. This allows the user organization to focus on what they do best, while allowing IT companies to provide the entire gamut of IT management. We have successfully provided such complete solutions to many esteemed customers. This has enabled these organizations to allow their management to focus on growth, profitability and efficiency, while leaving the task of efficiently managing IT functions to Imperium Solutions.

Our managed services program inclusive of Managed Services Infrastructure, Symantec Solutions and Helpdesk.These program is a series of customizable service plans incorporating:

Network Service Server System Operations End User Services Data Center Services
  • Network Operation Center
  • Management of LAN, WAN, VPN, VoIP, DNS, etc.
  • Unified Communication
  • Network Performance & Optimization
  • OS/Application install & reinstall
  • CPU/Desk/Memory Status Monitoring
  • Backups, patches management
  • Power Management
  • Help Desk
  • Client Computer System
  • System Imaging
  • Managed Data Center Services
  • Hosting Services
Data Storage & Backup Managed Security Services Virtualization and Cloud Services
  • SAN storage Management
  • Enterprise Backup and Recovery planning & Support
  • Security Consulting & Training
  • Information Security Policies and Enforcement
  • Security Operation Service
  • Security Monitoring, Auditing and Improvement
  • Service and Desktop Virtualization
  • Resource Management & Monitoring

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